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John C. Ellis ‚ÄčRoofing

John C. Ellis has been roofing and renovating homes in the Dallas area since 1989. He also spent several years building new homes in East Dallas and the Park Cities. This means he knows the ins-and outs of permits, licensing, roofing materials, maximizing owner's insurance claims, special discount programs for homeowners, requirements for historic districts, and how regulations change from city to city. 

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Property Manager for 250 Properties

"As a property manager in Dallas for 250 rental properties, I call JCE ROOF when any of these houses or apartment buildings needs a new roof, or even roof repair. I've known John Ellis, the owner, for about 20 years. He's experienced and honest, and his crews are very professional. I recommend him to everyone."                              PATRICK TURNER, Dallas

Watched the crew at work before choosing roofer for 5 properties

"For the past 42 years I have done hands-on construction work, roofing included. I now concentrate on my five rental properties in Lakewood; Old East Dallas. All of these properties had serious hail damage in the storm of June 2012. I talked with several roofers before picking a roofing contractor. I watched the John C. Ellis roofing crew as they re-roofed the house across the street. They did a very good job, so I talked to John. Right away I contracted for his company to re-roof all of my properties. Am I happy with the roofing experience? Absolutely. It was great work, a great crew, and great communication."                                                 WILLIAM J. JOHNSTON, Dallas

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