Most people file an insurance claim only a few times in their lives, and aren't familiar with all the details of the process. We deal with insurance claims and insurance adjusters every day. One of our goals is to get the best possible deal for our customers so that they will recommend us to others. Many times we are able to help customers get a huge discount in their insurance premium as well. 

Sometimes we run into structural issues -- an old out-of-use brick chimney in older homes, or a ridge beam that sags in certain areas. Because of John's experience in new construction, we know how all the pieces fit together -- ceiling joists, ridge beams, rafters, bracing, and roof decking. We can repair about any roof-related structural problem, including fixing all kinds of leaks. 


  • ALL KINDS OF VENTING --ridge venting, flat vents, turbines, and power turbines.
  • DECKING, including radiant barrier decking covered on one side with silver foil to improve energy efficiency.
  • A GREEN PROGRAM -- for recycling old shingles.
  • HISTORIC DISTRICT REQUIREMENTS - The City of Dallas keeps changing their requirements for re-roofing in Conservation and Historic Districts. We keep up with the new guidelines in all cities. 

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Tio Benitez, Residential Foreman

John C. Ellis, Owner

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We measure your roof and tell you the type of shingles you now have, how many layers, whether  you have hail damage and if you need a new roof.

We discuss with you any issues regarding decking, satellite dishes, gutters, chimneys, wood shingles, and any leaks you currently have.

We offer great pricing and work with you throughout the claims process, to insure you get the best deal possible.